SonarMite Windows Vista, Tablet, Win 7 & Mobile software


The SonarMite software is designed to run on a Windows PC or a Windows Mobile PDA to provide the user with a 'front end' to the SonarMite hardware device. In addition to enabling device settings the software will log and display SonarMite depth and GPS data values as a 'Breadcrumb trail'.


SonarMite Vista software on a PC

The SonarMite software presents the user with a three window interface separated by ‘Splitter Window Bars’ which can be dragged to increase or decrease the active window size. If the window is sized to less than a proportion of its width then the window will suppress graphic output and present a scaled text message.

SonarMite software on a PDA

Left/Right Indicator

The user can select a pair of pre-entered waypoints as the 'from' and 'to' line. The Left/Right indicator will show how near the current position is normal to the selected line. The arrow will indicate a heading to follow to get back on to the line.

GPS Positioning Window

This window gives a graphic display of position tracking history over a user defined number of data points, if the window is less than a proportion of its width it will revert to a text display.

Echo Sounder Window

This window gives a graphic display of echo sounder depth scrolling from right to left, if the window is less than a proportion of its width it will revert to a text display.

Position Data Parser Dialog Box

The position string parser will read a complete string into memory and after checking beginning and end strings will strip out any characters other than valid numeric characters. The remaining numeric field are numbered from 1 to n (max 16) left to right.

SonarMite Settings Dialog Box

Double tapping the center of the echo sounder display will present the following dialog box with settings for the SonarMite device.

QA Value - Every depth has a QA number associated with the measurement. Setting this slider will force the software to only accept depths above a certain QA value, setting 'normal' lets most shots through, setting 'highest' will only let the best shots through.

Sound Velocity - Set the current sound velocity value in Meters/Second.

Socket Number - Set the output socket number for sending depths over a network (PC version only).

Adjust for position latency - Enables the calculation of offset time for latency compensation.


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