Environmental Data Acquisition System

The concept behind EDAS is to provide Environmental Data collection systems using distributed computer processing and saving the results in a standard database format thus making use of modern computer networking technology.. Single PC systems tend to be legacy designs that have evolved around existing equipment, probably having been added to at various times in their history and almost certainly the result of ad hoc software updates and changes. The basic concept of a single PC acting as a central data collection and display point has proved to be a very cost effective solution to the problem of collecting and recording environmental data

Standard Sensor Interface

The standard EDAS system represents a compact method for the collection of live environmental data for operational use in ports and harbours. The system integrates the data from a serial Tide Gauge device with a solid state weather station to provide a complete harbour Metrological station in a single PC unit.

Data from the system can be output by a variety of means to the EDS software ...

bulletDirect Serial Cable
bulletRadio Telemetry systems
bulletEthernet using TCP/IP

Legacy Sensor connection

A customised EDAS interface box provides a means  for the connection and digitization of a range of digital and non-digital environmental transducers. The interface uses a low power voltage source (12v) and converts data from the transducers to a one second burst of serial RS232 format data for input to the EDS software.

bulletWind Speed
Rugged 'Porton' design Anemometer with certified three-cup vane
bulletWind Direction
Rugged 'Porton' design Wind Vane with optional magnetic bearing unit
bulletAir Temperature
Solid State precision sensor housed in a standard vented screen
bulletRain Gauge
Incremental 'Tipping Bucket' rain gauge

EDAS Software Concept

The EDAS software package is several multi-tasking programs designed for use with Windows95 or Windows NT4/2000/XP operating systems. The software provides the data capture and display functions for use with the EDAS hardware and environmental transducers. The system consists of three main program elements ...

bulletVTSclient - Multiple sensor/location display for Port VTS users
bulletEDSclient - Network display client for current EDS data
bulletEDS - Data collection Server and filtering software

EDS - Data Collection Server

The EDS program allows the user to connect to various sources of environmental data, filter the incoming values and save in an ODBC compliant database such as MS Access or SQLserver. The program also acts as a server transmitting processed data as small UDP packages at 1 minute intervals across a TCP/IP network. The user can configure the display content, size, colour and scaling of various display types using splitter bars and configuration icons. Each configuration can be saved and used as a default for booting the software when run from a power up or reset. Data is exported into ODBC compliant databases for subsequent retrieval using standard database software.

EDAS Software (Main Screen Display).

Main Features

bulletWindows Compliant
Designed for 32 bit Windows 95 and Windows NT4/2000/XP environments
bulletWind Radar Display
Unique scatter plot display of previous 2 minutes wind vectors gives a helpful display of wind strength and range .
bulletCalculated Data
Display of calculated data such as mean wind direction and speed together with 10 minute gust.
bulletRecent History
Double clicking any window will present a list box with a history of the previous 24 hours data for that parameter
bulletVariable Formats
Windows can easily be customised to show text, bar graph or time series graphs of selected data type.
bulletSplitter Bar Layouts
Use of multiple splitter bars enables user to scale and size windows to their own requirements and save settings
bulletToolbar Icons
Easy selection of data dialog boxes using icons with helpful tooltip prompts
bulletColour Options
Fully selectable background, foreground and text colours to customize displays to users taste

VTS - Multiple sensor display

The VTS software is passive client designed to sit on a network and listen for messages transmitted by various versions of the EDS software package. Typical applications of this software would be to display Tide data from several locations at once in a Port/Harbour control office also known as VTS.

Typical VTS display of multiple gauges in S.Wales

EDSclient - Multiple location display

The EDSclient software is passive client designed to sit on a network and listen for messages transmitted by various versions of the EDS software package. Typical applications of this software would be to display a copy of the data being captured by the EDS software for a particular location.

Typical EDSclient showing multiple locations

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